What do you know about Guadeloupe anyway? (5/5)

[5/5] Guadeloupe is not only my home. Time to talk about literature! Maryse Condé and Gisèle Pineau are my favourite Guadeloupean authors.

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[📍Dropped pin] Precious Oman 

About one month ago, my friends and I decided to take a break from our routine and leave Kuwait for a few days. Where to? Oman! Only 2 hours aways from us, the most precious pearl of the Middle East was opening its arms to a bunch of girls looking for some peace and quiet.  Oman’s…

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[📍Dropped pin] Failaka Island 

If you’ve lived in Kuwait long enough, you know every adventure is one adventure to live. Upon spring’s return, my friends and I decided to go on a one-day trip to Failaka Island, 20 kilometres off the coast of Kuwait City. What is so special about Failaka Island? Well, first it’s the only inhabited island…

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