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What do you know about Guadeloupe anyway? (1/5)

Living  abroad, I often find myself trying to explain where I come from and how I ended up in Kuwait of all places. But trying to conciliate the idea that I can be Caribbean and French at the same time seems to be a huge bag of bones for people are seldom aware of the complexity of the French colonial history. I admit I kind of gave up giving history lessons, but it helped me realise how much I love my homeland and value my culture. So in an Eureka moment, I decided to do what I know best — blog about it. 

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10 things you need to know before moving to the Middle East

Since the day I moved to Kuwait, a lot of people ranging from friends to mere strangers have asked me about my journey. Some of them expressed the desire to also come and expand the crowd of expats already living in the Middle East.

My experience was a tad different. It wasn’t planned at all and everything happened so fast that I only realised I was going away once I set foot on Kuwaiti soil.

If you have already talked about moving to the Middle East to your friends and family, I bet the reactions were closer to “Oh my God, isn’t it a war zone over there?” or “Aren’t you scared of terrorists?” or again “You know, women’s rights in muslim countries…” However, I’m still alive and kicking and being a woman never kept me from doing anything, soooo…

Long story short, I just thought I would make a post about things you might want to know before you decide whether or not you want to join the desert crew.

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